Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hey folks!

I've neglected the blog quite terrible lately, but there are a few very exiting reasons for it!

Just in case you haven't heard, the lovely ladies at the Purple Purl are planning a Featherweight KAL using MY YARN!! Whoa!

You may remember my featherweight cardigan... may have given me a bit of attitude while I was knitting it, but was entirely worth while in the end. I love it! I want to knit another, but can't seem to settle on a is full of such difficult decisions!
Anyway, I've been hard at work dyeing Fancy Lace for the KAL, and just have a few skeins to go. It's really fun dyeing to fill an order, scratching colours off the list as I go along. Here is a peek at just a few of the skeins that are soon to become featherweight cardigans...

I'm planning to knit another featherweight along with the KAL, but may just want to knit it in Fancy Sock this time around...hmmmm...

The second piece of exciting news is that I am feverishly preparing for the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter's Fair this September 11. It's going to be my first ever show, and preparations are in full swing...more or less that means that yarn covers every surface in the house. I'll be bringing lots of all my tried and true yarns, some spinning fiber (yay!) and just a little taste of 2 new yarns! Hope to see lots of familiar faces there, and some new ones too!

Amidst my frantic dyeing I have managed to knit a few things. My Peasy is coming along really well. The body is almost finished, and it looks quite lovely. I've also knit these cute little socks...

...They are a test knit for Kate Atherly, and may just make an appearance at KW...stay tuned! The pattern is inspired by carrots, so I decided that I'd knit some purple carrots (an especially tasty variety I think). The colour is violet and I used my merino/nylon sock base.

And here are some pretty yarn shots. I think I have to keep all of these (such a greedy guts!) Think I've already planned projects in all of 'em

Silky DK in Juniper

Sock in a new colour (that I'm totally in love with!) Sugared Apricot

Fancy Sock in Nosferatu

and, my new greatest love, Fancy Lace in Sea Storm!

and last, I can hardly believe it, but I've been blogged about! Check this out...a whole post about me. I'll try to make sure it doesn't go to my head :)

Hope to be back again soon, but if I don't return soon know that I am buried under a mountain of pretty yarn.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Peasy at long last!

I'm so happy to finally be knitting Peasy. It's such a pretty and simple pattern, and great fun to knit as it turns out!
I'm knitting Peasy as a gift for my mom, and decided to knit it in my merino fingering. It's the same yarn I used for my lovely Charlie sweater, and I just can't seem to get enough of it's soft squishy texture. Peasy is meant to be knit in a DK weight yarn, so because I changed my gauge I decided to knit a size larger than I needed. So far everything fits perfectly and looks amazing! My mom chose "Mineral" for her sweater, and I'm loving the way it's knitting up. Mineral is such an interesting colour; sometimes it looks green, other times bronze or gold. I'm quite blown away by it actually! Oh yes, and we've decided to make our (I'll be doing some sweater borrowing for sure!) Peasy a henley instead of a cardigan. There are some really pretty Peasy henleys on Rav, and I firmly believe that nothing beats a good henley.

I've been knitting quite a bit on my over the knee socks as well, and am completely in love with them. In fact, I haven't stopped knitting long enough to take a picture! I decided to work on both at the same time, so I have both socks knit to a good 5 inches up the significantly into calf shaping. They look fantastic and I just can't wait for the finished product!

That's all the knitting news for the moment. I just updated the Etsy store with a few new things. I'm really excited about a new colour series that I'm working on called LAYERS. It need not be explained that these are all overdyed colours. At the moment, I'm really just in the experimental stage, but I plan to have consistent colours just as soon as I can!

Here is a look at the latest...

Fawn in fancy lace 2

Nori in fancy sock. There was much debate over what this colour should be named. It also reminds me of a deep and dark forest, of course it would be enchanted :)
Whatever it reminds you of, I think it's lovely!