Thursday, March 26, 2009

Greetings... and Spindle Mania

I've had this blog set up for over a month now, and just haven't felt the inspiration to post...until I was struck with a serious bout of spindle mania! I really love the idea of keeping a little online journal about my crafty endeavors, don't get me wrong, but I just could not pick a topic that was important or interesting enough to be a "first post". Typing this now it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I've found something that I can't wait to talk/write about, and I'm finally posting, what could be bad about that??!

So what have I been spinning? I just spun up a teeny weeny amount of Fleece Artist BFL, in a colourway that I can't identify (this is rare people, I can name just about all Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden colourways off the top of my head...just a gift I guess), but I have dubbed robin's egg gray. I origionaly bought this roving for needle felting, and I beleive that a very cute cat and birds were made from the 100 g that I bought. Just last week, while on a stash diving mission, I remembered just how much I loved the clourway of this roving , so I picked up my spindle and decided to give er'. After I spun up what remained of the first 50 g the totally insane notion came into my head that I should ply it. I pulled out my little how-to-spin-on-a-spindle book and read a little bit...plying made 80% sense to me, but it worked!

I realized that my yarn was pretty lame, and if anyone who really knew how to spin laid eyes on it they'd likely feel sorry for me, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I also knew that if I didn't knit this yarn right away it would linger and my love for spinning would fall by the wayside, so this morning I picked a pattern for a cute little cowl and cast on. I chose the Ridged Lace Cowl from Exercise Before Knitting...I've had my eye on this one for a while. Words fail to describe its awesomeness; I've stopped to admire nearly every lumy little stitch, and will continue to do so until the entire thing is knit.

of course I have now begun to plan out more and more spining projects. I have a few more ends of Fleece Artist rovings that will likely be combined into a garter yoke sweater - you know the one that EVERYBODY is knitting? But more exciting than anything else is that I have an undyed alpaca and a beautiful merino in quantities enough to make a real project with the yarn I get from them ...I'm saving these until I've had a bit more practice!

I have countless other knitting projects on the go, and can't wait to blab about that I've got this "first post phobia" out of my system. Apologies for this and future posts; I am prone to ramblings and run-on sentences.

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