Sunday, May 24, 2009

almost there...

So last time I checked in I was knitting on a shawl for a friend of my mother...and I am still! I have been completely monogamous (its terrible!) and I'm still not done. At this point I have knit the border up one long side, across one short side, and I am past halfway down the other long side. This knit-on borer business is just plain cruel and tedious, though it HAS to be better that knitting a border separately and sewing it on...I've decided that this would certainly be the most horrific thing a knitter could ever have to do.

I finally feel like some progress is being made, so I allowed myself to pause my knitting for this little update. It really does look great, and I think it will turn out to be beautiful. I'm knitting the border on 5mm needles (instead of the 4mm I used for the body) because the border is knit in garter stitch, and it just wasn't stretching out enough. The border is a little bit looser than the body now, but I'm not concerned...I want to block this this very intensely anyway, so everything should get a good stretch. Before I hit the "border wall" I was really enjoying this knit, I may even be convinced to knit it again without an edging...hmmmmm

The only thing that has kept me sane through all of this shawl knitting has been fantasizing about my next projects; I already showed you the yarn I have set out for my paper dolls cardigan, which I plan to cast on the very second that I bind off this shawl. I have also been lusting after the Muir shawl (I know, more I insane??) and I have the most awesome yarn set aside for this project, it is Funky Carolina laceweight in their Sunny colourway...i can't wait! But realistically, if I finish up the sweaters and socks that I already have on the go, I'll be pretty darn happy

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