Thursday, December 3, 2009

I did it AGAIN

I think I have to give up on posting regularly. I love to blog, but when it cuts into knitting time I suppose I choose to knit more often than not. There has been one other rather large distraction...the boyfriend and I split up about a month ago, so moving my stuff, etc. has taken quite a bit of time and energy.

I'm just starting to get my dyeing stuff set up again so that I can pick up where I left off with Viola. The first little batch of yarn sold quite quickly at the shop, and I'm really excited to dye more! I'm hoping to be able to put some yarn and roving up on Etsy soon too. My little store looks so sad with nothing for sale!

Since I have even more catching up to do that my last post, I'll just show you some recent FO's

this is easily the most exciting; on the weekend my AWESOME father bought be a Majacraft Suzie Pro from the Black Lamb (a lovely yarn shop in Port Hope)! And here is the first thing I spun with it...

...4.8 oz of corriedale roving from Pigeonroof Studios! You have listened to me go on about how much I love Krista already, so I will spare you this time (she's awesome!) But I will tell you how much I adore this little wheel...a lot! I have elaborate plans to sew a cute little bag for it, and have been dreaming of bringing my wheel with me everywhere I go and spinning non stop!

Too bad Christmas knitting is getting in the way of my ambitious spinning goals...

...a Drops short rows baby jacket knit in 2 different colours of Koigu, Indigo Moon fingering weight merino and Dale of Norway Baby Ull. A lot of yarn, but this turned out to be so cute. I have yet to sew on the buttons...horrid un-fun job! You can find the pattern here.

...a Tomten Jacket knit in Cascade 220. I'm doing applied I cord around all the edges a la Elizabeth Zimmermann, and afterthought pockets...perhaps this could be called a Tomten with "the works"

Oh, and take a look at this massive sweater that I recently finished for the shop....

its Wisteria by Kate Gilbert. I used i think 6 skeins of Malabrigo worsted in the saphire green colourway. This thing took me ages to knit, just because of all the goings on at the shop. Now that its done, I think I quite like it

That's all for now!

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