Monday, September 13, 2010

Knitter's Fair

Yippee, Hooray! the Knitter's Fair this past Saturday was not only loads of fun, but also a great success! My little booth was abuzz with yarn and fiber lovers; I was so happy to see familiar faces and to meet some new knitters as well. And can't wait to see some new Viola projects pop up on Ravelry :)

I took loads of pictures of my booth - sadly there are all under icky fluorescent light - but hopefully you'll get the idea...

My sister Sarah, adjusting something important, I'm sure...

Roasted Carrot sock kits (remember those?!) design by the lovely and talented Kate Atherley!

There's me, knitting away on my chickadee cowl (now finished :))

Cute! Socks supplied by my sweet friends who also helped out in the booth for the day!

This bittersweet was green in the morning, but the heat of the building caused it to pop and reveal these lovely orange berries! I love bittersweet so much that I'm planning a tattoo...details to follow...

...The booth design and layout was so much fun to come up with! My family and friends helped out so much, and we managed to get everything assembled quite quickly in the morning. All in all great fun, and I could not be happier with my first-trade-show-ever-experience!


  1. Your setup was great, but you missed taking a pic of the bucket of fibre. That was my favorite part!

  2. Looked like a great set up! Gosh wish I could have seen it.

  3. Hi Emily,i want to ask u something dear.where was this knit fair.I am also knit student in Central St Martin and i will be finishing this year.maybe I can join u with crazy staff:)