Thursday, May 6, 2010

Frolic Bound!

Sorry for blogging even less than usual much yarn and so little time! I'm just here to tease you with some pretty yarn pics. I'll be in the Naked Sheep's booth at this years DKC Frolic, and I'm psyched!
I've been dyeing and tagging like a mad thing for about a month now, and I finally think I'm ready. So here is a look at just a few of the goodies I'll be bringing to the Frolic...

... A new sock (or whatever you want to make) base. 100% squishy superwash merino!

Fancy Lace; a huge 1300m skein of alpaca/silk/cashmere lace weight yarn. This is the stuff I knit my featherweight from...the one I keep complaining about! Its finished, and you can meet it Saturday at the Frolic. The yarn is BEAUTIFUL, my knitting skills...a bit slacker-y to say the least!

Fancy sock...similar fiber content to Fancy Lace above, but a light fluffy fingering weight. I knit the Purl Bee's Cashmere Rib Cowl from one skein and think its the greatest thing on earth....of course its too hot to wear it at the moment!

And I am very excited about the fiber I'll be is a peek at 2 of my

that's all for now! I hope I'll be back soon with a knitting update; there is quite a bit of knitting news!

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