Thursday, February 10, 2011

a week of sick days

phew, I'm finally feeling back to normal after a whole week of being sicky! I have to admit, however, that I slept in every day and managed to get quite a lot of non-dyeing work done. Though I planned to make a lot of progress dying yarn and some long long overdue fiber this week, the prospect of lugging heavy pots of water all over the place was too much for me to think about! So I sat around and worked on some housekeeping that I'd been neglecting for ages, and manages to come out of my sick week feeling rested and rejuvenated! Success!

I also finished these cutie pie socks...

...They are a gift for my friend's super sweet daughter. Her birthday is at the end of February and she asked for knitted gifts specifically! I'm not sure that she could be any cooler actually...
I knit these from Fancy Sock in a sort of broken rib stitch pattern that I just winged when I cast on. I really love how squishy, soft and cozy they are and can't wait to knit a matching pair for myself!

I've also been really trying to clear out some WIPs....blaaaahhhh. I dug out my granny square hexagon's this week as well. You may remember that I intended for them to become a vest-type thing? Well anyway, I looked like a maniac when I got the vest assembled, so I let it sit for months. Here's what it looks like now...

...soon to be a finished pillowcase! It's a really big pillow too, perhaps 80 cm square? My plan is to sew a case for it in canvas and sew the hexagons onto one side...we'll see. It's coming together though, something is happening!! Here is a pic of the original vest. So silly :)

Last week I went FABRIC SHOPPING!! The Workroom - certainly the best place in Toronto for fabric - had a sale, and I was there!!

Here's the best purchase by far...enough Liberty for a dress!! This is my favourite print, and it was the only bolt they had left in the shop. It was fate!

This stuff was just irresistible...I'm thinking shorts??

And a few little fat quarters, I really love the Batik on top. So pretty!

If only there were more time in the day!


  1. I want those socks. :(
    It's my birthday too! Erm, in about 10 months :)

  2. whoa, when i first read "these are a gift for a friend's daughter" i thought - nooooo....she'll never appreciate/understand the amount of work that went into them. (i've developed hangups around recipients of handmade gifts, can you tell?) BUT after i read that she *requested* them, that makes it a whole other story. coolest girl, indeed! they are spectacular socks. and the VEST!!