Friday, June 11, 2010

Disaster has struck...or close to it

Well, I think it happened because I was so confident in my last post; my granny square vest-thing looks ridiculous. So sad.

I have recovered from the initial shock of putting it on and seeing how bad it looked. Now I'm just a bit bummed that I have to sew all my little hexagons together into a non-garment shape. They will now become pillow cases. I never really considered how bulky the yarn was, and how difficult it is to piece hexagons together into a flattering shape. It was like doing a 3-D body shaped jigsaw puzzle! And just thinking about all the ends I would have to weave in was making me feel a bit sick. I'm sure that It's against the rules, but I think I'm going to count this as one of my 12 sweaters for this year. It was briefly in a sweater shape after all!

On a happier note, my woodland yoke sweater is knitting up really fast! I'm finished the body and just have the little sleeves and yoke to knit. I'm really excited to see it finished, and am already planning sweater #7...

...It's a new base; 50/50 merino and silk in a very squishy DK weight yarn! I have a design in mind for this yarn, and dyed up 6 skeins of it yesterday. The colour I chose (after MUCH deliberation) is "mineral". And here is a look at another favourite colour of mine in the same lovely base, "flourite"...

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  1. LOVE the yarn! I was just dyeing some of my own yesterday and it is out in the sun right now for its heat treatment. Mine is a DK yarn that I will be knitting into a tea leaf cardigan. It´s a brown with small splashes of color. Hopefully the splashes of color won´t be too bright.