Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pomatomus Done!

At long last, my Pomatomus socks are finished! I know for a fact that I've gone bonkers because I'm already planning another pair. Its just, the second sock was so much fun, and I finished it up so fast...I can totally knit another pair, right?

Either way, I'll probably never get around to it, but its fun to entertain the idea; I'm imagining all of my sock yarn knit into pomatomus socks, so pretty! On the other hand, how can I justify knitting the same sock pattern twice? I have countless other socks in my queue, and loads more that I haven't bothered to stick in there yet. Dilemma. Oh, and the yarn I used was Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock solid in the firefly colourway. I'm a big fan of Lorna's Laces, I find that their sock yarn wears very well, and I love their colourways of course!

I haven't been knitting very much recently. The week before last Jeremy and I went up to his aunt and uncle's cottage on Georgian Bay. It was fantastic, though the water was too cold for swimming. I spent most of my time up there spinning, and finally managed to finish spinning my Oceanwind Knits roving. I plied up a little bit of it there before I lost interest and moved on to another roving that I have since abandoned as well. But I will not give up! I just need to be in the right mood to finish that plying, and its so close to being finished, once I get going it won't take me long at all.

Motivation arrived the other day, and not a moment too soon! My Rovings from Pigeonroof studios came, hooray! I have to say that the colours are so much more impressive in person than they were online. I find that the opposite is most often the case when I buy yarn online, I think because yarn out of the stash if far more desirable than yarn in the stash. But I am so much happier to have this roving now that I've seen it in person; I suspect that it's pretty hard to be disappointed with Krista's colours.

I've also done a little bit of sewing, unsuccessful though it may have been; I made Jeremy a tie for his birthday on Monday! I followed the Purl Bee's father's day tie pattern, and managed to make a good looking tie. But I think that I cut out the pattern pieces wrong, and the tie ended up being a good 4" too long. I think I'm going to undo everything, cut it down and then sew it back up again (bleh), but Jeremy was quite happy with it, and I've promised him a few more. I got the fabric from the Workroom, but I forget what on earth it was (sorry!)

In other news, I scored some super cute vintage pins from the St. Lawrence antiques market on Sunday. There were oodles in this little pack and the cute little coloured toppers are glass!

Oh, and these sweet little mother of pearl buttons...

I think thats just about all I've been up to lately. I do have a few finished garments to share, but I have to convince Jeremy to take pictures of me (which takes time). I will leave you with my latest dye attempts...

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