Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fighting Cast-on Fever

Well, today I finished the ridged lace cowl that I was knitting in my handspun BFL, and its soooo pretty! It's blocking on the table next to me right now. And the colours look even more lovely knit than they did in thier roving or yarn forms. The finished product is quite lumpy, but that's nothing that I wasn't expecting. Now all I have to decide is whether or not I should gift my first handspun project, or keep it for myself. My initial inention was to give this cowl away, to a friend who gave me some beeeautiful superwash merino roving from Crown Mountain Farms in their "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" colourway. I'm saving this stuff until I can spin something more than lumps (which may be quite a while). Anyway, I think that such an excellent gift deserves an endearingly lumpy and well intentioned cowl in exchange...

In other news, I'm planning to bust out my spindle again, this time to spin the rest of the Fleece Artist BFL that I have stashed away. I'm hoping that I will have enough in 150 g to knit the yoke of a sweater... we'll soon find out anyway. I think I'll try to mix two very different colourways together too. 100 g are similar enough that I think they could pass as the same colour, in fact I think that I assumed they were the same colour when I bought them. The other 50 g is the odd man out, its super bright and kooky, but I'm hoping to tone it down by plying it with the other, tamer colours. Wish me luck!

On top of all the spinning plans that are whirring around in my head (pun intended), I am feebly attempting to resist the temptation to cast on. I've been craving a simple, but not boring pair of socks, likely because knitting Pomatomus is making me loose my mind! I've been working on the first sock for more than a month now, and I just finished it a few days ago. What is it with this pattern?! I am determined to finish either my Pomatomi (sp??), or another pair of socks (the lovely April Showers socks) that have been on the go for waaaay too long, before I cast on another pair... I just can't allow myself to look into the yarn trunk until at least one pair is knit!

Even talking about it is breaking down my resolve. I'm cranking up the Madlib, pulling out my spindle, and deliberately not looking in the direction of my yarn trunk! There is waaay too much temptation in that direction...perhaps spinning will be a sufficient distraction...

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