Friday, April 10, 2009

More Spinning...

So I think I'm completely hooked; I just about picked up the spindle in favour of writing this post! I've spun up 2 of the 3 braids of Fleece Artist BFL that I mentioned in a previous post. I plied the one bright skein with a pale (cream, bronze an gray) braid...and it looks super cute, like cotton candy, or superkid ice cream, or anything else that's bright an fun!

I do think that I didn't twist it enough while I was plying, but I guess that I'll get the hang of that (The skein is setting right now, so I hope you can excuse its twistiness in the photos...I couldn't wait to take pics and post about it). There is another subdued braid of BFL waiting to be spun up, but my attention has begun to drift to the baby alpaca roving that I've had stashed away since last winter...its about time that I spin it though...this stuff is so pretty and soft! The yarn that I got from the BFL looks like it will knit to a worsted weight (which is lovely) but i'd really like to spin something thinner, so that'll be my goal for the baby alpaca.

Now that I have the bright skein spun and plied I like it better than I expected to, but I'm not sure about using it to knit the yoke of a sweater...I held it up against a few colours of Malabrigo worsted, and was not thrilled. I'll chech again before I decide, but at this point it looks like this yarn will become a hat.

In other fiber news, here's a look at my most recent dye job...there was another skein, but without thinking I gave it away before I'd had a chance to snap a photo. I've also got a huge (580 yards!) skein of sock yarn cooling on the stove right now, and it may just be my favourite colour so far...I won't forget to take a picture of this one before I give it back to its owner, its waaaay too pretty!

Ishbel is into chart B, and is also looking great! Malabrigo lace has to be one of my favourite yarns; its soft and fluffy, and I just love how it "swells" once its knit. Beautiful! The pattern is so lovely to knit that I may want to make a few more of these...I don't want to get ahead of myself or anything...but the knitting is good, and I keep picturing all of my stash knit into 1000 ishbel shawls...that may be a bit excessive though...

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