Monday, June 21, 2010

sweater # 6 in the bag

What a quick and fun knit! I really love this cute little sweater, and it was oh so easy! I followed the pattern exactly too; how often does that happen??

I'm perfectly happy with the sweater, but can't get over how busty I look in it! I thought I had figured out my lot in life, as a small boobed girl (which I am perfectly happy with), but this sweater has got me quite confused. Perhaps I'll wear it with a sports bra; really squeeze them in...who knows?!

In other news, I've been dyeing like a crazy person this week, and here is a look at some of my favourites...

fancy sock in thistle

fancy sock in mushroom

fancy sock in mineral

fancy sock in cinnamon spice

silky DK in slate. I am IN LOVE with this lustrous, soft and squishy yarn!

silky DK in north sea

silky DK in blot

and this pretty little thing is my mom's knitting. She is a big fan of robin's egg, and decided to knit a plain and simple stocking stitch rectangle in fancy lace. I think it's knitting up beautifully!!


  1. You do an amazing job with knitting and dyeing.

  2. By the way, where do you get your fiber from to dye?

  3. oooo i LOVE that top... and i love your dying... off to your etsy shop i go! where did you get the pattern for the top? i would love to make one.