Monday, July 19, 2010

It's not a sweater...

I seem to be panicking slightly over my 12 sweaters in 2010 plan. I was cruising along so well until...sweater #7 I guess...where I made one tiny mistake, and then my mind wandered and now I am completely distracted! Ack! I feel lost in a sea of small project ideas; I'm yearning for hats, mitts, shawls and socks, and I caved just a little...take a look...

very pretty and sophisticated fingerless mitts in Viola Fancy Sock, colour Mineral

These little gloves are knitting up so quickly. I'm improvising the simple pattern as I go along, and I think I'm going to get 2 pairs from just one skein, yowza! I've knit a simple picot hem at both edges, an afterthought-ish thumb hole and just a tiny bit of shaping to pull them in at the wrist. They fit great, look great and best of all they are so darn fast to knit!

I've also just woven in ends on a WIP that has been ongoing for SO LONG! Sometime in the dead of winter, I decided it would be fun to knit a toque-type thing in lace weight yarn. Needless to say, this poor hat sat untouched for long periods of time. I modeled it after a store bought (hiss, hiss) hat that I can't help but love, and get so many compliments on. I've yet to take finished pictures because the poor little hat desperately needs to be blocked; it sat jammed into a tiny project bag for months and now looks more like a fuzzy lump than a hat. Here's a peek anyway, at the 4 inches of ribbing that I knit on 2mm needles!!!!!!!

The yarn I used is Misti Lace in the little 50g skeins. I think I had around 14 grams leftover when all was said and done.

And finally, check out this AMAZING colour that emerged from my dyepot on Friday. It is actually very similar to Mushroom, so I've named it Magic Mushroom, and I love it! Oh, and out of focus in the bottom picture are 2 hand made wooden mushrooms I bought at a little market/crafty thing on the weekend. Cute right?!

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