Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shetland Triangle. Blocked.

At long last something is entirely finished...man, such a great feeling!

I knit a beautiful Shetland Triangle for my mother's birthday last weekend. Man, what a fun pattern...I'll be knitting more for sure! And now this cute little shawl is sitting neatly blocked with it's ends woven in just waiting to be worn. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon...

Oh yes, and there are a few new things up on Etsy. Some of my favourite colours in the merino/nylon sock base as well as just a tiny bit of Silky DK...


  1. Your Shetland Triangle is lovely! I'm on a shawl kick at the moment and might have to give the pattern a try!

  2. So lovely!! I love that pattern, too. I should be as good a daughter as you and make one for my mom.